How to Check Backlinks?

How to Check Backlinks?

If you are using Google Webmaster Tools then you will be familiar how easy it is to use. To check backlinks login to Google Webmaster tools and select the website for which you want to check backlinks.

You will find Traffic Menu in left click on it and you will find “Links to Your Site” menu. Under Links to your site you will find tree section about backlinks to your website.

Check Links to Your Site with Google Webmaster Tools

Who links the most: This section tells you which website is pointing most of the links to your website. You can see 5 sites with most of the link and by clicking “More” you can see full report.

Your most linked content shows most links for particular page. Your website can have more than one page and every page may be getting links. This section tells which pages are getting most links from different website.

how to check backlinks

How your data is linked: This report shows most common anchor text for links pointing to your website. For example if your website is on Dog Training and links to your site are from the anchor text like dog training, dog training program, training program, etc. If most of the links are coming from same anchor text Google may see them as spam links.

You can see full report after clicking “More” link for all sections. With these reports you can do in-depth analysis like who is linking to your site, from which URL, which pages are getting most of the links, most common anchor text etc. You can even download these reports in Google Docs or CSV format.

By looking to backlinks report you can find low quality and spam links and can remove them or disavow those links which can improve your search ranking.

I am using this tool from long time and found it very useful. This tool also helped me to find website who was copying my content.

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