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 There are plenty of sites claiming to deliver exactly what you are looking for if you simply post your resume. However, in a medium flooded with low quality and untrustworthy job sites, not every site is worth the time and energy. We have looked at a number of these sites and compiled a list of the ones you should go to first. These sites won our favor based on several criteria including; layout, search results, utility, ease of use, and aesthetic quality.
Education Crossing is a Job aggregator bringing a massive amount of research to one spot. Because they do not ask educators and potential employers to pay to post listings, they claim more employers than any other web site. They go out and bring the information to you. It is aesthetically pleasing and professional looking. The only downside is a monthly fee for membership, but because of this they work for you, not the employer.

2. to be “education’s premier recruitment service”, offers a system of free registration and use for teachers-to-be. It lists 1,727 school systems and 661,976 candidates using the site, both relatively large numbers. You can either post your resume for all educators to see or send out a universal application to get the ball rolling. The site is attractive and easy to use. It is free for the job seeker, so check out all it has to offer.

3. looking and easy to use, schoolspring offers the familiar free job seeking service which earned top 100 honors in District Administration’s Readers Choice awards. In addition, schoolspring offers testimonials of users to give the browser a better idea of what the site has to offer. They also offer schoolspring plus for those willing to pay to post resumes to any job, regardless of whether it is on their site, and gain access to more jobs than the average user.

4. offers free browsing for all, though you must register to  apply for jobs posted. Based on the homepage, EAN has 2,874,291 users,  2,453 employers, and 12,697 jobs listed in all 50 states. It is simple to use and  includes all the basic features of other job finding sites. It is also free if you are  the continental United States, though some upgraded features require monthly  payment, so be careful while registering.

5. site offers valuable resources for those seeking a job teaching elementary students specifically. It lists clear reasons to join membership on the homepage and claims 5,976 employers last month alone. Also impressive is the list of awards on the bottom of the homepage. Candidates for jobs will not pay unless they choose to upgrade to the premium package for 30 dollars a month. Recruiters pay a fee to post jobs. The site looks professional and features message boards and classified ads. Check out the links leading to other site in the “ihire” series for different levels of education.

6. thousands of daily visits and an easy to use website, provides a reasonable service for both employers and job seekers to find a local position. It is free to use for qualified schools and job seekers. Despite a lackluster appearance, teacherjobs remains a good option for those seeking teacher jobs countrywide.

7. Job Center:All of the essential functions are available, as well as more comprehensive functions such as chat boards, lesson plans, and projects. The job search itself is not the focus of the overall site, but is proficient nonetheless. Aesthetically, the site is a bit sparse and plain. But the search and resume post are present and free so it retains usefulness anyways.

8. K-12 jobs:Many of the same features are available here as above. Post your resume, search for jobs, and see what different school districts have listed as a means of recruitment. The site is less professional looking, but it has the content desired to successfully find jobs in both public and private institutions.

9. Education Week Top School Jobs:Featured on Education Week’s on-line news website, offers job alerts, resume posting, and an organized list of jobs posted either by category, state, or even country. The site is organized and adequately professional, and it claims over 300,000 weekly visitors so it has plenty of traffic of both job seekers and recruiters.

10. Great Teacher:This site allows you to post resumes and search for jobs. It is clear and simple and straightforward. Don’t mind the aesthetics, as they will not affect the function of the site. A large, general job listings website that will return thousands of results for teaching jobs. Again, a broad job listings site with a wide array of search options and results. A tried and true method of finding a job. Offering free job posting as well as searching and resume posting, school staff is a good site at which to augment your job search. The National Educators Employment network is actually a well-designed and helpful site. It is currently under construction but is supposed to be done in 2009. Contact the web master for more information. Email with questions. The Academic Employment network is a nicely designed site. It is geared more towards the employer, but remains a worthy spot to post ones resume. A decent site with free posting and resume building. It experiences a large volume of traffic, which may help the job search. Indeed has a large number of general job listings, including many for teachers. Type in teacher and check out the huge mass of results.

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