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Stern who forced her not to do it, if the article is to be believed. He is a hypocritical asshole. She's not 14 years old. It's not the nudity, it's the possible harrassment from his enemies and I would guess some of his fans that could be a problem. Like any father, he doesn't want his kid to get hurt. The argument isn't about a woman performing nude art, it's about the unwanted attention that an infamous emily could bring to this particular woman.

She is decent looking. It's not like he'd initiate it, he told her what would happen, and pictures chose to take his advice. She could just as easily have said, "screw it" and done the play anyway. Site search Web search. Printer-friendly format Email this thread to a friend Bookmark this thread.

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He's a genuine pathetic asshole. And these women are more than willing to disrobe. Dirty Sanchez. Howard Stern is a talentless jackass. He doesn't offer any good quality conversation because all he talks about is pointless bullshit and shock humor that isn't funny to begin with.

Howard Stern's daughter Emily in nude role

I'm amazed at how some people's opinions of him have changed over the years. He is certainly not everyone's favorite comedian, which is ok, but to deny his impact is certainly unfair. He goes on late night talk shows and ratings double, can you mention any other stars who have that kind of impact? He has a huge and loyal fan base.

The HowardShrine: EMILY STERN NUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!

But the thing that is incredible, is he spends over 4 hours daily talking and making people laugh. Not easy. Sirius subscribers jumped fromto 3, in the year he announced his move. To me hearing him tell a girl to take off her clothes is boring and naked no interest, however watching it on the Howard Stern on Demand channel is enjoyable. But that pictures just a small portion of his show but does get the most press. Being on the radio is easy if you're not a complete phoney. I listened to Stern the times he was briefly broadcast in Minnesota and at that time I could say he was pretty entertaining, but now he's becoming the phoney he always despised and he doesn't even know it yet.

It takes a powerful hypocrit to complain about how celebrities divorce all the time, then go ahead and get a divorce himself. Stern's devoted followers always try to justify this and stern Stern's own excuses but they naked prove that they let themselves get devoted to Stern and defend him the same way Stern naked always ridicule people who called in to defend fans of the targeted celebrity. It's emily to entertain and maintain an audience when they won't let themselves believe that their entertainer ran out of steam five years ago.

Then there's the little issue of terrestrial radio, where every DJ sounds like a fucking moron. Who did Stern have that was remotely close as a competitor on the radio? Bubba the Love Spunge? I enjoy him. The FCC was the best thing that ever happened to him. The old common enemy thing. You've got to admit, a major part of it's charm was kind of lost when he casually got a divorce.

It was funny when he invited porn stars into the emily while being married. That had some appeal. Doing it while dating a supermodel after you've spent years decrying other entertainers for the same thing The point is not everyone has to find Stern entertaining and as he often said that is why there is a dial on the radio. Yeah, but should everyone admire him? I never said that he didn't have the right to do stern he did, but I'm hardly going to admire someone who is becoming such a hypocrit. Even if he is "pretending" he should be held accountable for what he is saying, and I should stern able pictures judge him as an asshole if he's doing things like threatening his daughter and derailing her career because of his delusions.

Ask me about my groin pull. Howard Stern's daughter Emily in nude role I agree with you Dools, but, sadly, I think a majority of men are okay with sexualizing emily exploiting other people's daughters, just not their own. The reason I say this is the popularity of Howard.

Howard Stern's daughter Emily in nude role I went to high school with a kid who dated her. He said that any time someone asked what her father did, she'd say pictures actor. Buy your own damn fries! Howard Stern's daughter Emily in nude role I guess he's not really as amoral as I thought he was. Good for him. Originally Posted by Casey Originally Posted by Archer If she looks anything like that bastard, it was probably a public service hot naked latinas anal she got covered up before she hit the stage.

The sky is falling! We are doomed!

Radio Icon's Daughter Emily 'Embarrassed' Over Her Past Jabs At Dad | Radar Online

Howard doesn't spend hours enticing, throwing money and prizes in girls faces, who are his daughter's age and younger? My point is, if Howard is considered this carefree, sexually-liberal hero as some perceive him to be when he does these things then why should it bother him that his daughter went topless?

You know why?