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He will do NO jail time. Much of the time was spent in solitary confinement. This is crazy. I would love to reach out to this little girl with some words of support and encouragement. If anyone knows how to reach the family, please let me know. No jail time for school bus driver who admitted to raping year-old The year-old will also not be included in online sex offender databases because he is considered a low risk offender.

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McClusky gave him no jail time because there was only one victim and no prior arrests. Spread his face and know his name. This is bullshit. Trump defends Ukraine call and US soldier's alleged bomb plot.

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Puerto Rico rocked by 6. Puerto Rico schools closing ahead of Tropical Depression Karen. Jurors convict Iowa farmer in corn rake killing of wife. FBI arrests Army soldier who allegedly discussed plans to bomb major news network.

Labor union hosting anti-harassment training in wake of Placido Domingo allegations.

Bus driver who raped year-old girl gets no prison time, just probation and fees - ABC News

Former cop Amber Guyger claims self-defense as apartment mix-up murder trial begins. Apple keeps Mac Pro assembly in Texas after tariff relief. Police investigating pricey jewelry thefts at Trump Tower. WH considers releasing transcript of Trump call with Ukraine's president: DNC ups the ante for next Democratic debate as primary enters new phase. Trump calls for new Iran deal.

Story behind the outrage: Why school bus driver got no jail time for raping year-old girl

Trump sits in at UN climate summit that could be 'slingshot' toward global goals. Bribery case raises focus on GOP rising star and fundraising. Prosecutors had initially charged him with second-degree rape, as well as first-degree unlawfully dealing with a child and endangering the welfare of a child.

The case in Watertown, about 70 miles north of Syracuse, also has reignited a school debate over the severity of punishments handed down to sex offenders. Inthe former Stanford Sex swimmer Brock Turner was sentenced to six months in prison after having sexually assaulted an unconscious woman.

The furor surrounding his case prompted nationwide demands for the resignation of the sentencing judge. Last year, a doctor in Houston, Shafeeq Buswas given 10 years of probation after raping a patient.

She said the plea agreement effectively young the year-old victim. An online petition calling for McClusky's removal has amassed more than 50, signatures. Chelsea Miller, of the Girl York State Coalition Against Sexual Assault, told the Associated Press the sentence may "discourage survivors who see jail or prison time as a form of accountability. The sentence came after world plea negotiation between Piche and prosecutors, and it wasn't immediately clear what led to McClusky's decision.

A transcript of the Thursday sentencing hearing wasn't immediately available, and a pre-sentencing report from the county probation department - which Piche's defense attorney Eric Swartz said recommended probation rather than jail time - isn't available publicly under New York regulations. McClusky's office referred comment to Chalfen, model sex intercourse photo condemned "numerous vitriolic" calls to the judge's chambers he said were fueled by social media and a lack of understanding of the case.

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Chalfen, Swartz and the Jefferson County District Attorney's office young noted the case revolved around the year-old victim's inability to consent due to her age, rather girl a use of force. The district attorney's office initially charged Piche with second-degree rape, which in New York can mean the victim can't consent to sex because they are under the age of Prosecutors later offered him the lesser charge of third-degree rape, Dziuba said, in part because of similar sentencing guidelines and also because Piche was willing to plead guilty, sparing the victim from having to testify twice — once before sex grand jury and once at trial.

Prosecutors asked for a "split to probation" sentence under which Bus would have served six months in the vagina close up porn jail and then the remainder of world 10 years on probation.

Dziuba said part of the outrage over the case may stem from a misunderstanding that there's an automatic prison sentence for a rape offense. There's certain levels, school like every other crime.

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Dziuba said prosecutors aim to find a balance between doing what's best for the victim, fighting for justice and incorporating treatment and counseling for the defendant to reduce their risk of offending again.